Geo-Boy Slider Background With BrushGeo-Boy Loftness Head 4x4Quad Track LineBacker Brush Cutter

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The Time is Now!

LineBacker Brush Cutter from Jarraff Industries

With a range of improvements, the inclusion of quad tracks and some additional upgrades on the way, the time is right for the Geo-Boy to evolve and become the LineBacker Brush Cutter! Power, strength and mobility, these are what put the LineBacker in a class by itself.

The Linebacker can clear brush and trees up to 12 inches in diameter and leave an 8-foot path of fine mulch in its tracks. And with features and options like a rear view camera, forward and rear lighting, climate control and new quad tracks, the LineBacker provides safety, comfort and unmatched maneuverability to every job site.

New Interactive
360° Experience

LineBacker in Action

Geo-Boy cutting tree and mulching video.
Geo-Boy 4x4 Feacon Head